Employee Benefits Evolved
Solutions To Your Toughest Employee Benefits Challenge!
Employee Retirement Savings
Over 60% of Working Families Are Behind In Planning For Retirement.
Families Want Employers' Help In Achieving Financial Peace Of Mind.
Investment Management
Wiser Wealth Creation Strategies To Go The Distance With You.

Personal Financial Planning

Plan For a Lifetime

Investments & Wealth Management

Leading Edge Investing Strategies

How Can I Grow My Assets To Last Me A Lifetime?

Employee Group Health Benefits

Health, Dental, Vision....

Employee Retirement Savings Solutions

401k, Profit Sharing.....

Healthier and Wealthier Workers Can Boost Your Profitability.

Comprehensive Insurance Planning

Personal Insurance Needs Analysis

Comprehensive Insurance Planning

Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability Insurance

How Can I Reduce Financial Impact Of Unexpected Life Events?

Tax & Financial Strategies For High Income Earners

Optimize Taxes & Create Wealth

Business Consulting & Cost Recovery

Business Continuity Strategies, Non-Profit Consulting

Asset & Tax Strategies that Maximize Wealth.


Wise Wealth is part of the fastest growing community of boutique financial advisors who value independence and the freedom to provide unbiased guidance to clients.  Wise Wealth provides client-centered solutions across a broad spectrum of services to small business owners, high income earners and working families. Services include personal financial planning, insurance, asset & tax planning, wealth management and employee benefits.  

Employee Group Health Plans

You don't have to settle for annual health plan cost increases.  We're creative in helping you reduce the costs of providing health benefits.
Review your group health plan today!

Personal Finance & Investments

Professional money management may give you better investment and retirement savings growth over the long run.
Review your investments today!

Employee Retirement Savings Plans

Help employees improve their financial success. You'll see  increased productivity, better retention and employee loyalty.
Review your employee savings plan today!

Insurance Planning & Review

Insurance is the transfer of financial risk.  Insurance planning helps you decide how much risk to keep and how much to transfer?
Review your insurance plan today!

Employee Financial Education & Wellness

Employees expect employers to help them improve their financial wellness. Bring financial literacy and education to the workplace and help them reduce their money worries.
Offer financial literacy to your employees today!

Personal Retirement Planning

We help you stay invested for the long term so you can replace some or all your working income with your retirement savings. We'll help you manage your 401K/403b at work and we'll show you excellent rollover solutions.
401k help is a call away!

Business Owners & Executives

Business owners, CEO's, COO's and high-income earners have specialized tax, estate, legacy and business succession planning needs that include their personal and business assets.
Customize an executive plan for you and your family. 

Self-Employed Benefit Plans

Self-employed professionals lack quality benefits programs that many receive through employers.  We help the self-employed access effective benefits plans for them and their families. 
Talk to us about benefit plans for the self-employed

We Helped Them and we can help you!

grieving family

Thanks to our extensive experience in Financial Planning and Insurance, we helped Kevin, a physician, and his wife implement a plan to protect his family and his professional income from premature death and illness.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!
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Employee Benefits & Small Business Solutions

After two meetings with Angelica, a small business owner, we helped her implement a plan to reduce the cost of providing health benefits to her employees.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!
Long Term Care

Mr. and Mrs. J. were concerned-about paying for nursing home care. We found them a hybrid life insurance policy with a generous LTC feature that will help pay for some of their costs should one or both of them require nursing home care.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!
Retirement Pic

Mr. and Mrs. R. had lots of questions about how annuities could fit into their overall financial picture. After analyzing their assets and their income, we developed a plan to guarantee them both lifetime income.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!

Mr. J. had never invested before and was looking for someone to guide him through the maze of investment products and approaches. We educated him and allowed him to make the choices in allocating his investments into a diversified portfolio.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!
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Debt Elimination

Mr. and Mrs. F. wanted help becoming debt-free. We customized a plan for them to eliminate $52 thousand in debt and student loans. They're now on track to payoff all their debt including their mortgage in less than 8 years.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize a solution for you!
Employee Retirement Savings

Mr. W. wanted to offer his employees retirement benefits with a small matching contribution. His main goals were to help his employees plan for the future while saving money on taxes.

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